Montag, 7. April 2014

[SophiesLittleBookCorner goes to Ireland] Day 1 & 2

05th April 2014
After two hours of flight time we landed at Dublin Airport at 11:50 local time.
My six classmates (three my semester, three a higher semester) and me were really surprised about the expensive prices there. Way higher than in Germany. 2,90€ for a 2 litre bottle of water and 5€ for two pre-made sandwiches.
After that we got on an Air Coach an travelled 3 1/2 hours to Cork, our home for four weeks.
The bus was pretty cool: wi-fi, socket (the british ones) and leather seats. The journey was pleasant, the landscape beautiful.
Arriving in Cork we were greeted by four people from the organisation Partnership Europe
A sweet Spanish chica brought me and my roommate Milena to our room in our 5-room-flat. It looks really cute.
Before we fell to bed all groggy and worn out we went to Tesco with our other two classmates Franzi and Bianca. We were really impressed with the offers, but the prices are higher than in Germany. 
We ate bread (surprisingly really good), salted butter (nomnom) and Cheddar for supper.
It rained more or less the whole day, but I already fell in love with the country.

Some impressions:

06th April 2014
After slepping until 10:30 we had breakfast and later a nice and funny lunch with Bianca and Franzi.
At 16:45 we met with Jesus (so many Spanish people here in Cork!) who showed us a bit around. Afterwards I went shopping for sweets (love them) and a toothbrush (which is the only thing I forgot in Germany). I figured out that all the beverages are disgusting sweet. Well, I have to stick to water then.
Oh and I got my appointment for my company meeting tomorrow. Then I will get to know where I am going to do my work placement. Wish me luck!

  Some impressions:
Everything here is written in English and Gaelic. And the other sign is just funny and the parking fee is enormously high. Lucky I do not have a car here.

Just some tourist photos and my entrance door in Rutland Street.

My meeting tomorrow and more food.


  1. SWEETS *-*
    Äh, ja... Wahnsinn, wie hoch die Preise sind - aber gut zu wissen, da ich im Juli selbst nach Dublin fliege --> mehr Geld mitnehmen :D
    Ich bin gespannt, was du so alles erlebst und freu mich schon auf mehr Eindrücke :)

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Aus alle Fälle. :)
      Am billigsten zum Lebensmittel einkaufen sind Tesco und Lidl. Aber auch da kostet das meiste Essen doppelt so viel wie hier in Deutschland.
      Ich poste weiter fleißig.

      Alles Liebe, Sophie

    2. Okay, gut, dass ich das schon mal weiß, danke :)
      Super, ich freu mich!

      Liebe Grüße


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