Samstag, 12. April 2014

[SophiesLittleBookCorner goes to Ireland] Day 4/5/6/7/8

Day 4:
I was supposed to work in the Webworkhouse
I was brought there on the 8th April. But there I was told that four weeks would be a to short time to actually have a work placement there and that there are not any administration things to do for me.
Well, in my CV was written that I worked for three months in a restaurant, so I was put into the bistro there.
I worked two hours and in my break I went to Partnership Europe because working in the kitchen is not the kind of work placement I came here for. I explained the situation and I was promised an other place to work.
Back at Webworkhouse I told the guys there what I thought and I wanted to talk to the boss. He was not there. That is why I spend my time in the city and came back two times that day. He still was not there, I went home and had a relaxed evening.

Day 5:
I then talked to him on the next morning. 
Like an hour later I was texted my new work placement by Partnership Europe. I would work in a real estate office. 
I was introduced by Partnership Europe to them on the next afternoon. They seemed really nice and like a good place to get some work experience.

Day 6/7:
I started working at 10 am. The workers there are really nice and kind. But I think that they thad some troubles to find me some things to do, because I was not planned to be there.
I am working until half past three.
Some of my duties are: sorting keys, writing letters concerning inspections, entering datas of landlord/properties/tenants into the computer programme, copying forms, ...

Day 8:
I was not doing much today. But I was in the cinema with my friend Franzi watching "Captain America". I love it.
Tomorrow is another cinema day.

No photos today, I am to tired.

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