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[SophiesLittleBookCornerGoesTo Ireland] Day 21/22/23 - Pub/Cobh (Queenstown > Titanic)

Day 21:
After end of the workday I met with Milena and we had a burrito for lunch (well I had, she wasn't hungry).
In the evening we met our other 5 classmates at 7 o'clock in the Sin È pub, one of the oldest pubs in Cork.
The atmosphere there was lovely, intimate, old and cosy. Live traditional Irish music was playing that evening.
I realised I do not like Guinness (too strong), but that I love Jameson.
We went home in real Irish weather: pouring rain and strong wind. At home I was wet to the bones, stood with my feet in a puddle of water and looked like a panda. But you know what?! I did not mind at all, I loved it. In general I really like the weather here.

Day 22:
It was Franzi's birthday so for dinner we went to the little burrito shop we were the day before and had some delicious Tex-Mex.

Day 23:
On Saturday I was in Cobh (spoken Cove) with Susanne (4th semester girl). This is a little city on the coast of Ireland with a huge port. Cobh is tiny, beautiful and extremely gorgeous. On the one side you have hills and on the other there is the promenade and the ocean.
First we visited the Cobh Heritage Centre, that showed the history of the emigration of the Irish in Cobh. From slave ships (to Australia) to emigrants during the Great Famine, the Titanic and emigration nowadays. Everything happened mainly from Cobh. The Heritage was really fascinating and after lunch at the promenade we went to the Titanic Experience.
There we got the "identity" of one of the Titanic passengers - we were one of the 123 people that boarded at Cobh (which was named Queenstown at this time) and of course we were people (who really existed) that survived this tragedy.   
I became Helen Corr, who boarded under the name of Elen, a 16-year-old from the third class and who wanted to get to New York City in order to live with her older siblings.
The journey began: we learned more about the Titanic station by station. We went "aboard" at the real Titanic ticket centre of Queenstown and then we were lead from room to room and experienced a computer animated sinking of the ship in a lifeboat.
Afterwards we could go through the exhibition where we learned more facts about the ship and also about our person.
This night I fell asleep quite fast, even though my back was hurting.
It was a beautiful day with beautiful sunshine.


Before I die I want to ...

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